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Vettaths X Rajeev Peethambaran


On 14th May 2024, we curated a Cyanotype Workshop in collaboration with Rajeev Peethambaran. It truly left a mark on our hearts!


What an exciting weekend it was!

Firstly, we went around vettaths to forage greens and picked all interesting things we found on our way. Leaves, twigs, branches, roots, fossils, pebbles and more. Then we composed the specimens on to our prints in our own unique ways. Later we put these out under the sun, patiently waiting for the desired print to form. Lastly, the most surprising process was when we washed our prints to finally see what we made.

Amazing play with specimens, sun and water. Some of us could see the wonder in our faces just like a kid. All of us fully involved with our processes to see our final prints come out 

Rajeev Peethambaran came along with his mom who is a model for his works and his friend, Athul. Rajeev is a humble, grounded and a driven artist. Its easier to learn a skill from a humble person, where our innovation can be at its best. 

0Q7A6349 (1).JPG

For lunch, we had a colorful and nutritious “make your own sub” counter set up along with Suja’s delicious mango shake.

We also had Suja’s pista cake with rose butter cream frosting and uppilitta manga on the side to snack on through out the workshop.

All of us finally had a satisfying lunch and carried our own beautiful signature prints home with filled hearts. 

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