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Hello there :) Before "Vettaths" was curated, we spent two years designing and building this house. This was initially my father’s project and at that point we didn't really know what we were heading towards or what it would become.

I was one of the project architects for this house as part of Playgroup studio (
In 2019 when the house was completed, “Vettath residence” was initially designed to function as two houses, and we thought to maybe even rent it out. Thankfully we decided against it! It was only much later in the summer of 2020, just post the lockdown that “Vettaths” was created.

I currently freelance as an architect and entrepreneur (main thanks to Vettaths!). I’ve always had a passion for hospitality and Vettaths gave me that chance to explore it. It’s been great being able to run this space and meet so many new people.
In 2019, I had been on a sort of “gap year” to figure out what I wanted to do, and just give myself some time. A lot of the places I stayed at, worked at and the people I met had a huge influence in giving me the confidence and push to do something more here. After living in Calicut for over 17 years, I felt like our community lacked a space where people can come to, get away from things and relax. Calicut has some amazing, talented people, but we just don't have the right resources to discover them! My aim right now is getting Vettaths to be that second home and safe space, to build a community and keep growing.

A little more particulars about me : I can’t get enough of traveling, music, biryani, design, and films.
I live for good energy, inclusivity, warmth, and new connections.

My 'Ikigai' is to make a difference, however small it may be, however trivial it may appear. 

I look forward to meeting you, 


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Huda Ahsan



Abhirami Murali 


Danish KM


(Curator + Manager)

Write to us and tell us why! 

"Team Vettaths" is really a collection of innumerable people who have always been here to help, contribute, collaborate and just continue to be our main support system. There are too many names to list out, but if you've been a part, you would know it :) And we thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts. We would not have made it this far without you. <3

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