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Vettaths X Ajith Sivalal


On 22nd July 2023 we conducted the coolest Clowning Workshop in collaboration with Ajith Sivalal.


It was definitely an unusual weekend at Vettaths! Ajith came along with his partner Anamika from Kochi and stayed with us for a couple of nights for the workshop.

Ajith created a playful space for us to simply be, with various rounds of interesting processes and exercises to find the inner clown in us.

 It was an intimate circle and all of us became very comfortable amongst each other. By the end, it was the time to reveal our inner clown. It was interesting to see how each clown was different from one another and how each of us used this space differently. It was easy for some and not for some. If one was simply being, the other was trying to crack us up. We got a chance to laugh like kids and see how child-like we could really be.

0Q7A7498 (1).JPG

We laughed, we performed, we ate good food (like always), we shared, we sang together and moreover we got to explore the layers involved in our self-expression. It was a pleasure for our team to take part in this workshop fully.

Thanks to Suja aunty for the lovely fried rice, chilly chicken, mushroom bake, citrus cake and lip smacking dahi vadas.

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