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For Vettaths Talks this time, we collaborated with Mr. Manu Panjikaran, a full-time farmer engaged in regenerative farming practices. His farming venture, 'Aarabam Farms' is located in the foothills of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. Manu spoke about the 'power of our plate', i.e., the influence of the food we eat, on our body and overall well-being and how consciously we could source our veggies, milk, meat, etc. 

We also had a few small-scale farmers and farming enthusiasts join us for the session, where they shared their experiences and challenges in farming practices and how they tackle them. After the talk, we also had a seeding counter where some of us took our first step into growing our own food. 

Manu was also kind enough to bring a crate of delicious fresh passion fruits for everyone, all the way from his farm!

In total, the session was informative, engaging, and interactive! Can't wait to host more such talks!


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