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For the third edition of ‘Vettaths Talks’, we had Mr. Gopal, popularly known through his Instagram page as ‘Mumbai paused’ @mumbaipaused. He documents the streets of Mumbai, and his real-life avatar is that of an advertising copywriter. He has been capturing Mumbai since 2008 in tales and scenes that weave larger narratives about a place constantly evolving.

Gopal spoke about pausing and discovering stories from Mumbai, which are invisible to us as we rush by, stories of art found on the streets created by working-class people, villages of Mumbai, Dalit imagery, and more. Gopal's photographs that were presented portrayed the unfiltered and raw version of the streets of Mumbai. Hats off to Gopal's eye for detail and his visual storytelling skills! He also spoke about how all of us have become photographers and memory-keepers and the influence of the internet in changing how we create memories and remember the times we live in.

Since we were taken around the streets of Mumbai through Gopal's lens, we thought it would be a nice experience to taste a bit of Mumbai and we set up a Pani puri counter for everyone!

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